Lisa Pace’s law career began in 1992 as a criminal defense attorney. Fighting for her clients and for what is right and ethical was the passion that has always driven her successful career. Her clients have found that there is no better advocate than Lisa. The role as a defense attorney taught Lisa that there is a truth in every person. 

Lisa later took that fervent skill of representing others into the real estate arena, where she handled zoning matters all over Long Island. Lisa grew up in a world of real estate development  and law and learned from the best; her Dad, John Pace, an attorney, builder and business man. She turned those life lessons into an amazing law practice and real estate development career. Lisa has built numerous houses, managed commercial properties, and has vast experience renovating industrial and office properties. Lisa is now developing a 90 unit apartment complex in Bay Shore, New York.

Her unique skills in the area of real estate development and management have always proven to be a big asset in her work with real estate zoning law. Lisa has represented large pharmaceutical retailers, banks, and many local businesses. Although, Lisa’s favorite project is the Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island. Lisa identified an appropriate property for the Medical Center, negotiated the purchase and represented the project through the entire zoning and building permit process. Lisa also obtained Town of Islip Industrial Development Agency tax abatement benefits for the project and remains counsel to the hospital for all of its expansions, development and real estate needs. Lisa has become  proficient in representing Veterinarians for their business needs.

Lisa’s mother, Lorraine Pace, a tireless advocate for Breast Cancer research, has taught her to fight for what she believes in. Lisa’s parents have been married for over fifty years and have supported each other in business and through their many charitable endeavors. Lisa has been so inspired by her father dedicating 25 years of free legal services to the Breast Cancer Fight that she has formed a charitable organization to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer. Lisa has vowed to be as successful in her fight against Prostate Cancer as her parents’ continued success against Breast Cancer.

Lisa is a Mom to her beautiful daughter, and continues to teach her the value having passion for all she does. Lisa and her family have a love for Sicily and enjoy annual visits and a wonderful relationship with their Sicilian family. Lisa has a connection to the Sicilian culture and the Sicilian way of life.

It is no surprise that Lisa’s legal acumen, love for animals, creative abilities, analytical skills and her ability to  ‘get it done’, drive her every move and make her life and career an unending adventure.

Lisa has a unique understanding of people and problems life can bring. She has the ability to listen and analyze compassionately and without judgment. Mediation for Lisa is the natural addition for her career.

Lisa can naturally take conflict, see deep through it and into it and find a way out.  

Lisa’s life experience through her challenging divorce and her drive to learn from that experience makes Lisa a successful mediator. She understands conflict and the ugly feelings conflict brings and most importantly knows how to get to a peaceful resolution that all parties have participated.